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Alain Delon


Bring the Hidden Exotic you with Alaon Delon Perfumery

If exotic is your word, there is an Alain Delon perfume that suits right for you. Alain Delon’s Samourai gives you a bizarre scent that will turn you upside down. It also adds boldness to your statement, without compromising your sophistication and femininity. Introduced in 1995, through the years Samourai perfume brags it’s exciting blends of spice, woodsy and floral notes. It also has a romantic and sweet touch with its jasmine and rose aroma, while the pink pepper and bergamot contributes to its keenness. So, indulge yourself now to this tempting and exciting fragrance of Alain Delon’s Samourai. Its sensous smell is already waiting for you.