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Corso Como


Love the old, Bring in the New with Corso Como

Corso 10 Como 20 Years Edition Eau De Parfum Spray is an exotic scent by Corso Como that has the aroma of the combination of old and new. As soon as this Corso Como perfume is opened, it will give you an enigmatic, perfect woody and floral blend with geranium and sandalwood. As the aroma starts to spread out, earthy aroma will dominate the scent because of the frankincense, oud wood resin and rose. The base notes will give its wearers with a cool, simple fragrance from the musk, vetiver and incense. With these blends, this Corso Como ensures to bring out a voluptuous experience. Also, it has moderate aroma that usually lasts for about four to five hours when applied directly. The soft sillage ensures that wearers will not smelled too strong or too irritating.