9 Fragrances That Went Viral On Tik Tok

9 Fragrances That Went Viral On Tik Tok

No, I won't put that "Oh No" song in your head because I'm talking about Tik Tok..oh too late? I'm SO SORRY. There is no doubt that Tik Tok has a way of burning songs and products into our head at an alarmingly effective rate. In addition to catchy songs, Aritzia outfits, and vintage clothes, we have been blessed with some viral scents and fragrances as well these past couple years that we can't help but wonder how they smell. 

Let's start with the Queen of all viral fragrances, Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Baccarat Rouge 540

Baccarat Rouge 540 is a unisex chypre fragrance released in 2016 from Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Citrus top notes are dominated by the sweetly juicy blood orange, the juice of which is evoked in the name of the fragrance. Among the middle notes, aromatic lavender and sage intimately combine with leathery saffron. A note of oak at the base evokes strength and austerity, while the dry, bitter scent of oakmoss contrasts with the improbable salty-sweetness of animalic ambergris.

Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian



If BR540 hits a bit above your budget, well don't worry we got you covered. 

Cloud by Ariana Grande

Like an airy dream, Ariana Grande's Cloud is a creamy, soft and luxurious perfume with a high-class scent. Fresh and uplifting bergamot orange, rich lavender and juicy pear create a bright opening. Whipped crème de coconut, sweet praliné and dark, mysterious vanilla create a memorable heart. Warm and sexy musk is wrapped around woody notes for a sensual base. Launched in 2018, the fragrance has moderate longevity and sillage. The perfume is irresistible and slightly mysterious. It’s a bit like a spring morning and sure to draw compliments.


Buy  Ariana Grande's Cloud here



YSL – Black Opium

YSL’s Black Opium is a legend within the world of perfume. This addictive and energizing scent is the one you’ll reach for on date night or when you need a confidence boost. It’s made using black coffee and sensual vanilla to create a captivating floral scent that is seductive and sensual.

Opium first joined the YSL fragrance family in the ‘70s, with Black Opium joining the gang in 2014. This fragrance took the original Opium scent and updated it for the modern woman.

Buy YSL Black Opium here

Gypsy Water Perfume by Byredo

Another beautifully aesthetic bottle that you probably couldn't ignore was Gypsy Water Perfume by Byredo

Capture your less-than-timid personality with Byredo gypsy water, and show the world you are unafraid. Created by Byredo in 2008, this fragrance is designed with free-spirited women in mind. Featuring a heart of incense and a base that includes sandalwood, the scent is inspired by myths surrounding the Romani culture.

Buy Gypsy Water here



Warm Cotton Perfume by Clean Reserve

There is no trend as strong as "Clean Girl" and nothing speaks more to that then the fragrance by Clean Reserve. 

Warm Cotton Perfume by Clean Reserve, Released in 2015, clean reserve warm cotton is a fresh and citrusy fragrance by clean. Ginger mixes with a blend of ozonic top notes in a light and refreshing opening. Spearmint heart notes soon join in to create a unique middle layer with the addition of both floral and peppery notes.


Buy Warm Cotton by Clean Reserve here

Or, try the roller ball for a more affordable option here


Very Good Girl Perfume by Carolina Herrera

Very Good Girl Perfume by Carolina Herrera, The new fragrance very good girl by carolina herrera comes in a gorgeous red bottle shaped like a stiletto. The bold, daring fragrance builds upon a soft base of smoky vetiver and creamy vanilla. Sweet, heady rose makes up the heart of the fragrance and then gives way to fragrant top notes of bright red currant and herbal litchi.

Buy Very Good Girl here




Sweet Like Candy Perfume by Ariana Grande

Sweet Like Candy Perfume by Ariana Grande, Sweet candy, berries and vanilla are the definitive aromas in sweet like candy, a women’s fragrance by young American pop star Ariana Grande. This 2016 launch is marked by shades of white flowers and powder and features enough sweet ingredients to serve as dessert. Tangy blackberries, citrus-like bergamot and sweet, juicy pear are the top notes in this confection.



 Buy it here



L'Interdit Perfume by Givenchy

L'Interdit by Givenchy is a timeless classic scent for any woman. Introduced in 1957, this refined, elegant, sophisticated floral aroma. L'Interdit is a feminine blend of florals with spicy hints giving it a soft feminine scent. Buy it here

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