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These fragrances went viral on Tik Tok, and we have there here. Read about them, and the order then to experience just why they're so damn good.
Can I spray cologne or perfume on my clothing, or even my hair? Just as perfume works well on your skin to create a memorable scent, it also works well on your hair. Here are some things to keep in mind when spraying perfume on your hair.

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Which is stronger perfume or cologne?

Eau de Cologne is the weakest fragrance (excluding Eau Fraiche and Aftershaves), containing approximately 3% oil fragrance concentration. Eau de Toilette has around 10% fragrance oil concentration, and Eau de Parfum has between 13% to 20% oil concentration levels. Straight or Pure Perfumes have approximately 20-25% oil concentration levels. 

How to Keep My Perfume from Losing its Smell?

Many perfume owners have the same complaint; their perfume doesn’t last long enough. If you also have this problem and you want to know how to keep your perfume from losing its smell, then check out our blog article.

Is the product in the photo what I can expect to receive?

With over 4,000 products in stock and many more arriving each day, we try our BEST to present an actual photo of the item listed. Sometimes this is not possible and default to a previous year's version or a different sized bottom to capture the essence of the item.  Our customers should NOT rely on the image to represent the item they may receive.  Again, we try our best and most product are representative of what you would receive!

Why Does a Perfume Spread Quickly in a Room?

Perfumes and scents catch our attention even from a distance. People can generally smell our perfume the minute we spray it on, even if they are not in the room. How is that? This is because of the process of diffusion that happens as soon as the perfume is released into the air. Being a compressed chemical, once the perfume is sprayed, it turns into gas and its particles get mixed with the air particles very quickly. Continue reading...