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How to Keep My Perfume from Losing its Smell?

  • 1 min read

How to Keep My Perfume from Losing its Smell?

Owning perfume is a pleasant experience because it adds to the ambiance of who a person is. Many perfume owners have the same complaint; their perfume doesn’t last long enough. If you also have this problem and you want to know how to keep my perfume from losing its smell, then you need to remember the following tips.

  •       Moisturize Your Skin

The first thing you need to do is to moisturize your skin by using an unscented body oil or lotion to ensure that the smell of the perfume remains undiluted. Another thing you can do is to use a scented body oil or lotion that complements the perfume.

  •       Ensure the Right Application

You must apply the perfume at pulse points like your wrist, the bottom of your throat, behind your ear, behind your knee or inside your elbow. As the blood is warm in these places, the scent will last longer.

  •       Never Rub

You should never rub the perfume as doing so breaks down its molecules, and the scent might vanish into thin air.

  •       Store it Right

You also need to put the scent in an airtight glass jar and put the jar at a cool place that’s away from direct sunlight or humidity.

  •       Go for Sweeter Options

If you want the perfume not to lose its distinct scent, you should opt for a sweeter smell as they last longer than citric ones. The sweetness does not ferment or change chemical composition at the same rate and thus holds onto its scent profile longer.