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How to Properly Wear Perfume or Cologne

  • 1 min read
How to Properly Wear Perfume and Cologne
  • The fragrance oils which make up perfumes and colognes are activated by the warmth of your body
  • Perfumes and Colognes should be applied to, at a minimum, the wrists and neck areas
  • Pro tip: Be sure to reapply after frequent hand-washing, as it only takes a wash or two to rinse off the scent!
  • Applying perfume or cologne in the creases of elbows is also quite common because it allows the fragrance to last longer, and maintains scent profile
  • After you apply, avoid rubbing or dabbing the area. This can break down the oils quicker, causing them lose their scent profile more quickly

It should be noted that Perfumes and Colognes should be replaced after approximately 12 months. While every bottle will be different (depending on the oil composition), perfumes more than a year old tend to lose the majority of their scent profiles.