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The Difference Between Body Sprays, Body Mists & Deodorants

Mist, Spray, Perfume, they're all the same aren't they?? What's the difference? Body mists and sprays are gaining popularity in 2023 and for good reason. They're a great versatile option for smelling good and they're easy to use and apply.  
All these types of fragrances aim to achieve the same goal - to make you smell good! Body SpraysBody Mists and Deodorants (as well as antiperspirants) aim to achieve this by targeting their points of application in certain parts of the body (i.e., armpits, chest). Let's get into the differences below.

What is a Body Mist

Body Mists are most often made for women and are often significantly more affordable than their perfume or eau de toilette counterparts. They generally come in a pump diffuser bottle. Therefore, they are a great option for an everyday fragrance to keep in your gym bag, beach bag or car. Body Mists are so light that they are often applied to the body multiple times a day to refresh the scent. Many women apply body mists before work, before/after lunch, or whenever they feel the need to enhance their scent. In terms of oil concentrations, they are the lightest of all true fragrances (i.e., fragrances not intended to fight body odor production). Maybe the most common and popular body mists that come to mind are those of Victoria's Secret. Light, present and short, lived, Body Mists are a great way to temporarily enhance your fragrance aurora.  


What is a Body Spray

A body spray will have most of the same characteristics of the body mist, but the fragrance delivery method is slightly different. A body spray generally comes in an aerosol bottle and uses pressure to dispense the fragrance, as opposed to a mist that is generally from a small pump.  


3 Best Ways to Use Body Mist

  1. Applied directly to your skin. Like a perfume, by applying the mist or spray to the heat points (see our blog post on how to wear perfume) you will get the best performance. Body mists can also sometimes be hydrating, so take advantage of that benefit and spray on your chest, arms, anywhere you feel really!
  2. Try it on your clothes! Because of the low alcohol content, there is much less risk to spraying on delicate clothing and the scent will not permeate the clothing like a more powerful eau de parfum for example. 
  3. Layering. Because of the light nature of the scents available in body mists, you can often use several sprays to combine beautiful scents such as coconut, floral or gourmand fragrances to create a gorgeous summer scent that's great for vacation or the beach. 


Difference Between Mists/Sprays and Deodorant

In this case, the difference lies in the area of application. Where a mist or spray is best applied to the neck, clothing or chest, a deodorant by design is applied to underarms. The purpose of a deodorant is to neutralize natural body odors that come from that area, where a fragrant mist will only aim to cover up the body's odors. Deodorants are made with properties to effectively deal with the body's odors.

5 Most Popular Body Mists

What are some popular body mists? We won't leave you hanging, these are top sellers this year



Velvet Petals by Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret Velvet Petals Shimmer Perfume by Victoria's Secret, Victoria's secret velvet petals shimmer is a floral gourmand women’s fragrance mist released in 2018 as part of the shimmer fragrance mist collection. Victoria's secret reveals that it’s a two-note blend of fragrant and opulent lush blooms with the warm, honeyed, nutty and slightly bitter aroma of almond glaze. This unique combination results in a luxurious and delicious aroma, plus this fragrance leaves a barely discernable shimmer on your skin – the perfect pick-me-up on any day.

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Horizon In Bloom Body Spray by Victoria's Secret

Your future awaits and blooms with pure potential. Horizon In Bloom, a perfumed fragrance mist from Victoria's Secret, perfectly captures the expectation and wonder of natural flowers blooming in all their glorious beauty. Launched in 2021, the lightly scented spray brings that field of wonder directly to you no matter where your day's journey takes you.
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Ariana Grande Cloud Body Mist by Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande Cloud Perfume by Ariana Grande, Like an airy dream, Ariana Grande cloud is a creamy, soft and luxurious perfume with a high-class scent. Fresh and uplifting bergamot orange, rich lavender and juicy pear create a bright opening. Whipped crème de coconut, sweet praline and dark, mysterious vanilla create a memorable heart.
Ariana Grande Cloud Body Mist
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Vera Wang Embrace

The natural beauty of botanicals fuses with sweet gourmand accords in Vera Wang Embrace, French Lavender and Tuberose by Vera Wang, a sheer feminine fragrance that’s clean yet subtly sensual. Bright, sparkling citrus opens with a tart-sweet mandarin kiss. Lush white florals and lovely herbal-aromatic tones of French lavender emerge at the heart. Warm, embracing base notes of cocoa bean and vanilla leave a softly mesmerizing trail.
Vera Wang Embrace Body Mist
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Sofia by Sofia Vergara

Sofia Perfume by Sofia Vergara, This fragrance was created by actress Sofia Vergara with perfumer Bruno Jovanovic. Together they released it in 2014. A sensational fruity floral scent to celebrate life.
Sofia Vergara Body Mist
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