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Acqua di Portofino


Loving the Waves and Waters with Acqua Di Portofino perfumes

Acqua Di Portofino represents the breath-taking sceneries of Partofino- its magnificent bay and floating boats at its seas. Over the years, it has been a symbol of everyone’s adventure in life. It has become a reflection of every person’s dream, adventures to look forward to, and recollected memories that will last forever. A house of Italian niche fragrances, Acqua Di Portofino Intense perfume is a unisex scent- a mixture of sporty and elegance. Its eight perfumes represent different types of personalities that will suit anyone’s style and taste. With some of its aromatic herbs that reminds you of Partofino’s marine patterns, its scents will surely take you back to the cool and relaxing waters and waves that will always turn you on.