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A Man full of Charm is Charriol Perfume

Despite of being tough and strong, men also longs to be perceived as someone who is charming and sweet. They can have that with various Chevignon perfumes to choose from. With scents like Chevignon 50cc Eau de Toilette Spray  they can easily bring out their charm that everyone will definitely love. This Chevignon perfume is a covered men’s cologne that is bright and invigorating suitable for every day wear. It has a rich scent which erects from warm base notes of cedar, sandalwood and musk, with a sweet and fresh middle notes of apple and jasmine. The blowy fragrance finalizes with subtle top notes from grapefruit and rosemary, ending a delicate but lasting floral aroma for a romantic yet adventurous aroma. With its bright and spirited scent that does not irritate, this Chevignon Canada offers a solitude with stimulating and revitalizing experience.