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Creation Lamis


Be Effortlessly Beautiful and Womanly with Creation Lamis

Creation Lamis is known for using authentic French oils in its house of perfumery, making it high-quality and world-class. One of the well-loved variants is the dreamy and womanly Diable Bleu Eau De Parfum Spray It is a delightful perfect blend of flowery and fruity aromas that will surely delight and motivate its wearers. The opening notes of smoothness of sandalwood and vanilla are combined with citric lemon and neroli. Middle heart notes has the juiciness of peach, plum, melon, iris, while the floral aroma of rose and jasmine with the dryness mimosa and balances the composition. This is definitely a sweet and tempting fragrance, destined to add mesmerize effects to its users. Be sure to check out this Creation Lamis to the Creation Lamis website.