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Al Haramain


Al Haramain Perfume: A Reflection of Timelessness

Al Haramain Dazzle perfume was able to lead in the perfumery industry since its first bottle was released in 1970. Despite of the ever-changing society, it always explores the changing trends to be able to consistently cater to the taste especially of their patronizers. Since then, it has become successful in being one of the well-loved perfumes in the world. One of its famous scents, Al Haramain Mystique Femme is a woman’s floral perfume that has a fruity aroma, suitable for everyday wear. It has been one of Al Haramain’s mixtures of traditional and Arabic fragrances. With its top notes of red apple, rose, and currant buds, middle notes that include orange blossom, rose, and jasmine, and base notes made of patchouli, orris root and vanilla, Al Haraim’s Mystique Femme is definitely worth looking and smelling for. Another must-smell product of Al Haramain is the Al Haramain Oudi perfume.